December 15, 2013

Just published! 3,000 year old story, slightly updated

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Book #3 is finished.  What a wonderful writing experience!  This is the first time I’ve had a storyline in mind on which to build, and it came from the ancient Greeks.  I borrowed the tale of Cronus and Rhea, and put it in the year 2068 with the full cast of offspring characters, some names anagramized: Hestia (Ashtie), Demeter (Demi), Hera (Hera, can’t do much with that), Hades (Shade),  Poseidon (Sydon), and Zeus (Zeus, again no options for scrambling).

Not to give too much away, but Cronus was the King of the Titans who overthrew his father by castrating him (well, his mother asked him to, so what’s he gonna do?!).  Then he gets all paranoid about how he might get treated by his own own kids, and as Rhea produced child after child (the six mentioned) he swallowed them one by one.  Yeah, gulped them down.  Of course, the Greeks swallowed the idea that, when Rhea was tired of losing her kids this way she plotted a way of thwarting him on #6, Zeus, and eventually Z — now an only child — fed his poppa an emetic to make him upchuck his five brothers and sisters.  Instant family, and the adventure begins.

Since it’s set in the future, on an uncharted dot of of land in the Pacific named Swallow Island, we have lots of new things to contend with.  Severe global warming consequences, with disastrous storms and earthquakes and urban migrations and (finally) some laws that take re-greening seriously.  But it’s not a screed on global warming, it’s a fun read that I think you’ll enjoy.  Give it a look.Front Cover


February 26, 2012

99th Winter Carnival, 2012

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December 14, 2011

Television Interview w. Harper Louden

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Now that both books are out (published), I’m getting some publicity.  Check out the interview on TV18.  CLICK HERE.

Picture w. books

Ambrose and books 1 and 2

December 4, 2011

Me and my boys

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Flanked by Ian (left) and Matt

Booksigning 12/11/11

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Hey, anyone within shouting distance of Steamboat Springs can come by this next Sunday for my book-signing session at Off The Beaten Path Bookstore on 9th Street, just off Lincoln Avenue.  Ron and his staff have been very generous to give me this local meet and greet opportunity.  If you’re familiar with Steamboat you know the bookstore so come on by.  If you’re a visitor (or will be someday), check them out at

August 7, 2011

Hello readers!

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My name is Ambrose Richardson.  Welcome to this forum, which is dedicated to those of you who’ve enjoyed my writing.  I plan to use this blog as an easy way to communicate with you, and learn your thoughts and reactions to my books.  At the time of this first-ever post, I have two books published and e-published.  The first is Crossing the Borderline, the second is Brutal Devotion, and a third is now in process (working title: Reflections).  The books feature my alter-ego as the protagonist, psychologist Whittier Brand, along with a supporting cast of Anna Malowski (Whit’s wife, a freshly-minted lawyer), Saul Raumund (his best friend, ex-Chicago cop), and a few others who populate his life in the small town of Steamboat Springs, Colorado.  That’s where I live, in real life.

But wait: If you’re reading this, you probably already know all of that.

You’ve also picked up that I like to take on contemporary issues in my novels, issues that should be of concern to all of us.  That’s important to me.  While I have great respect for the many talented writers who produce the galvanizing mysteries and thrillers we all like to read into the night, I rarely find one that does more than entertain.  I’m trying to hit the entertainment part hard, but also add an important dimension to my writing, something more than simply holding you in suspense as the plot unfolds.  That dimension is to awaken your interest in a social problem in our society, and provoke a bit more concern about it than you may have had before.

That’s my cabin, below, right after a good snowstorm last winter.  Later is not shown, must have been too hot for him that day.  Those of you who read Brutal Devotion will recall how Elijah Garmish tried to torch the place one Spring night.   Also below is a panorama of Lincoln Avenue, the main street of Steamboat Springs.  It may give you an idea of our little town, if you’ve never been here.  By the way, my psychotherapy office is along the left side, two blocks down.

Downtown Steamboat SpringsC

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